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Behind The Raptor

I spent endless hours in high school in the darkroom processing black and white film. It was then I fell in love with photography. In 2018 I turned this passion into a business and started Raptor Kiwi Studios, LLC.

Since then, I have done all sorts of photoshoots. I have been involved with Atlantic City Fashion Week since 2018, which has led me to have years of experience in fashion photography. I have participated in several other small fashion shows around the Philadelphia and South NJ region.

I have a special place in my heart for horror-photography, and I also specialize in practical effects that I use as often as I can in any project.

My Studios

My studio brands consist of Raptor Kiwi, Raptor Fashion, and Screamy Kiwi to accommodate various photography services.

Raptor Fashion

Raptor Fashion covers all the fashion photoshoots, fashion shows and most cosplay/ themed photoshoots. I offer services such as portfolio builds and comp cards. Raptor Fashion has been part of ACFW and Philly Fashion Week and has been featured in several publications.

Raptor Kiwi

Raptor Kiwi covers everything that doesn't fall into my other two distinct brands. This includes items such as: family and pet portraits, events, celebrations, professional headshots, workplace promotional photos, corporate events, and other commercial work.

Screamy Kiwi

Screamy Kiwi is my horror brand and is mainly focused on my own creations. However, I am always open to commissions and collaborations!

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